Teacup Succulent


I’m constantly looking for clever ways to re-purpose things, especially when I’m scouting out the thrift stores.. ;) The other day I found these adorable vintage teacups. Not needing teacups (but still wanting them) I tried to think of a way to give them new life as something else. I settled on tiny planters for succulents :) I love the delicate look of the teacups with the live green plant inside.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Simply fill your teacup about 3/4 full with potting soil, making a well for your new succulent. Place your succulent inside the well and fill in with potting soil. Water it a bit, then you can add your moss. I used reindeer moss for a little extra color contrast. These make adorable house-warming or hostess gifts too ;) Enjoy!

Air Plants

I recently started a new job for a company called TiGardens. I work by myself in a greenhouse assembling Tillandsia. Tillandsia is the scientific name for the more commonly known ‘Air Plant’. They are of the bromeliad family and are extraordinary in the fact that they take in all of their nutrients from the leaves; the roots are used as anchors only. These cool plants need nothing but air and an occasional spritz of water to sustain them. In nature, Tillandsia are termed as pioneer plants, as they occupy environments, like rock cliffs, where few other plants can.

At TiGardens we can make anything from air plant shell magnets to hanging glass globes. I’ve always loved making things, so this little part-time job that lets me be crafty and creative is just perfect for now.

Coastal California Inspiration

{Look to nature for design inspiration, because nobody does it better}

Here’s my quick guide to accomplishing ‘beachy’ design without feeling cliché  ;)

You don’t need a comforter with a seashell pattern, you don’t need starfish hanging on your wall, and you really don’t need vases full of sand and shells. Instead, look to textures like a soft braided sisal rug (like this one), the use of driftwood in unexpected places (like here), and a palette of soothing colors. Like these:

Accessorize with Red Coral, Vases that resemble beach glass, Tropical Plants, and fun artwork like these vintage prints:

Have fun creating your new beach inspired space!

Large & In Charge

I recently did a post about wallpaper here, but I feel like I need to pay homage to large-scale wallpaper in particular. These gorgeous papers feel so clean and evoke a calmness about them with the simplicity of their design.

If you find a large-scale wallpaper that you just fall in love with, the beauty of designing the rest of the room is that you can focus on simplicity since the pattern and wow factor are already there. You really can’t go wrong with the combination of high-impact & simplicity.

Images via 1/2/3/4

Designing with Plants

Lately I’ve been in the mood for a change in my bedroom. So, last weekend I decided to do some spring cleaning and re-arranging. I’m so happy with the result and even made room in front of one of my windows for a plant, (which I’ve been wanting for a while!). I’ve always loved the way greenery breathes life into a space. I’m even considering getting more plants… bigger perhaps ;) Here are some inspirational photos for decorating with greenery :)

{I love the combination of animal print & plants, it gives off a fun jungle vibe}

I also found a couple of sites that could be helpful in choosing the right indoor plants for your needs or capabilities. Here is a guide to houseplants that improve indoor air quality, and this site lists 24 of the easiest-to-care-for indoor plants (I bought a ZeeZee plant, which is 5th on this list). Happy planting! :)

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3 Things

While I’m looking forward to a little bit warmer weather this weekend, I’ll be turning in resumés at prospective employers. I can’t wait to find out what my next adventure will be! In the mean time, here are 3 things that are currently making me smile.

{Small old pot (from the thrift store of course, I think I got it for 75¢) for gifting succulents to friends}

{Yogi tea on chilly days with tea tags that are full of wisdom. “True understanding is found through compassion.”}

{A fantastic new bathing suit top that will be perfect for summertime in the ocean! This criss-cross deal means no adjusting my top in the waves ;)}

Springtime Thoughts

With Spring right around the corner, I’m beginning to feel the excitement of seeing flowers everywhere pop up in bloom.  I’ve always had a love for flowers and I’d like to think that I have a green thumb, but perhaps success with some of these little beauties will only come when I have a garden of my own! ;)  Here are just a few of my very favorite plants I’d love to have in my dream garden…


{My Favorite color Roses}

{French Lavender}


{Peonies–my favorite flower, too bad they don’t grow in So Cal!}