Design 101: Pattern

PatternMy Design 101 series focuses on the Principals and Elements of Design. The principles refer to the laws of design. Elements refer to the things that are involved in making a design. Pattern is an element of design, its definition is the repetition of an object or symbol throughout. The repetition can be either random or organized.

My favorite spaces have at least one pattern, usually more. I love eclectic interiors and those type of spaces usually incorporate many different patterns as well as design styles.

They key to creating a harmonious space with assorted patterns is to play with the scale. I like to use a combination of large, medium and small-scale patterns. This way, they don’t feel like they’re competing.

Here are some rooms that have really embraced pattern as a design element:















Pattern adds so much visual interest to a room and can be incorporated in so many different ways, whether it’s with textiles, woodwork, decorative tiles, or wallpaper. Pattern can work in any room and any feel. Soft and pretty or fun and up-beat. Pick your poison and have fun with it!



Sweet Dreams

I had a dream a little while ago that I was a textiles designer. I made gorgeous fabrics from pencil drawings and watched them come to life in interiors. When I woke up, the rest of the dream slipped away (as always) from my mind like sand through my fingers; but this memory of designing fabrics stayed with me and I thought about it really, for the rest of the day.. OK no, I’m still thinking about it.

Anyways, the creative process of designing a fabric line sounds like so much fun! I can just imagine making a color palette… drawing the graphics and patterns… deciding on the type of material and process to be used.. and then coming up with product like this:

Hopefully this little dream of mine someday becomes a reality ;)

Indian Inspiration

I’ve been intrigued by anything indian for a few years now. The gorgeous textiles, patterns, bold colors, intricate wood carvings, and the signature indian arches. The combination of all of these elements bring such a special energy to any space; they feel wise, well-traveled, and deeply rooted.

If you’re wondering how you can give your room an indian feel try a few of these tips:

  • swap out plain bedding with a bold color and intricate pattern
  • hang an indian style lantern instead of a bedside lamp
  • cover your floor with an oversized patterned rug
  • paint wood furniture bold colors like pink or sea green
  • incorporate carved wooden screens into your design

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I really love that they use hot pink as a “neutral” in indian design. When I used to sell flowers, I would tell people that pink was for passion.. so why not be bold and passionate in design? ;)

Lined Up

{I love  the black & white stripes paired with the eclectic mix of furniture}

Stripes are everywhere right now – they’re trending in interiors with wall treatments and textiles, as well as in fashion. I love the sense of movement they lend to walls, as they bring an instant feeling of energy. On the fashion side of things – I’ve noticed that lately I’m drawn to striped tees and sweaters, mostly in black & white or navy & white. They’ve got that classic feel that never really goes out of style. I really love simple pieces like this paired with some great jeans and a leather purse and boots… fall perfection.

The upholstered chairs are really fun, I love that red and white one! Happy Friday, have a lovely weekend!!

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Thrifty Treasures

{I had been eyeing these grey & gold lamps for weeks and finally scooped them up for $5 each :) With the right shade, they’ll be perfect}

I had a super lucky day at the thrift stores last weekend. It was 50% off everything and I totally scored on some really fun things! :) All of these treasures combined added up to $28. I left feeling like a winner and missing my old pick-up truck :P … the chair below got to ride shotgun.

{I just had to buy this funky 70’s chair… ($17) I love the stripes and the fabric is wool and in great shape. I’ll probably sand and finish the wood though, I’m thinking an ebony stain}

{I picked up this poster for $1 of the Cordoba Bullring in Spain}

Say Yes to the

OK, give me a break for the ridiculous post title, it sounded clever at the time.

I’ve got a little project brewing that I’ve been wanting to do for way too long now, like 5 years too long… and I’m actually a little embarrassed that I haven’t done it yet. That said, I have a dresser that needs to be jazzed up. It was originally my dad’s when he was young, and I took it to college with me when I moved (heaven forbid I buy a new one.. they’re expensive!). One of the drawers has the word “Balls” carved into it. Get your mind out of the gutter! It was my dad’s ball drawer when he was little, baseballs, wiffle balls, what-have-you. Anyways, it was funny and sort-of sentimental, but after enjoying its nostalgia for the last 5 years, I’m finally ready to sand away that carving.

The only problem is I’m a little torn on what exactly to do to it. It’s a tall 5-drawer wood dresser with no hardware…

{Option #1: Grey chevron stripes! I think I would want to sand and finish the wood instead of the white though just because I love the warmth of natural wood and the rest of my bedroom furniture is currently painted}

{Option #2: another trendy look – Ombré! I would probably do a spectrum of teals similar to the first photo}

{Or I could go for a crazy bold color for the whole thing. I love this campaign dresser in kelly green, especially with the brass hardware}

Please help me decide! What’s your vote?

Images via: 1/2/3/4

Large & In Charge

I recently did a post about wallpaper here, but I feel like I need to pay homage to large-scale wallpaper in particular. These gorgeous papers feel so clean and evoke a calmness about them with the simplicity of their design.

If you find a large-scale wallpaper that you just fall in love with, the beauty of designing the rest of the room is that you can focus on simplicity since the pattern and wow factor are already there. You really can’t go wrong with the combination of high-impact & simplicity.

Images via 1/2/3/4

Fun with Flor

It’s been so much fun playing with the Flor carpet tiles and assembling our new area rug. I love the organized chaos of the 4 different tiles assembled in a consistent pattern, however, we may have to play with other options because I think we need a square in this room. That would mean a 5×5 grid instead of 4×6. Anywho, it’s coming together…! Today we’re off to Ikea to buy high-chairs for the triplets, and these white slip-covered chairs to go in the living room with all of our crazy colors ;) The funky green corduroy chair you see below will be moving to another room. More pictures and updates to come!

Colors, Stripes and Everything Nice

{Flor’s Line by Line area rug in Rainbow}

So I’m super excited to be starting on the re-design of our living room with the Redferns. As I mentioned before in this post, Betsy loves color and bold design. These intense shots of color are going to be fabulous against the neutral walls (Frazee’s Muddy River, which was the color when they moved in. Betsy says she would’ve never chosen it if she walked into a paint store, but it seems to be very accommodating and doesn’t look like a skin tone ;)) and floors, which are 18×18″ travertine tiles. The furniture is also going to stay neutral with matching white slip-covered chairs and a large grey sofa.

Onto the rug now… we ordered it from Flor and I must say, they have exceptional customer service. This store is unique in that you can customize your rug size using their Flor Rug Tiles. (This is especially great for spaces that a standard size area rug wouldn’t fit right.) The tiles arrive in boxes and you assemble your rug with their patented stickers. I’ve never done this before so it’ll be a fun learning experience getting it all set up. ;) I’ll keep you posted and will share bits and pieces of this project as it comes together.

Wallpapered: Powder Rooms

Wallpaper is such a fun way to add visual interest to a room with color and pattern. I think It’s especially exciting when the application is really bold and in unexpected places, like a small powder room. A powder room isn’t a place that you spend a ton of time in, so why not be daring and energize this small space with a little wow factor?

None of these are grandma’s wallpaper.. unless of course your grandma was super hip and had gorgeous designer wallpaper ;)

{I saved the best for last… :) this one is my favorite! I’m loving this jungle vibe!}

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