Leather Pulls

Leather Pulls{I love the way the pink reflects onto the white cabinetry}

The other day I was feeling particularly annoyed by how boring and off-the-shelf my cabinet pulls were.  In my little studio I have to look at those cabinets all day long, so I wanted something special and different.  I was playing around with some leather for another project and it gave me an idea.  Forget hardware, I’m going to make Software! :) (I was pretty thrilled with this little pun)  It was so simple and SUPER inexpensive (yay!)

My cabinets went

IMG_20130502_161333 copy

IMG_20130502_161205 copy

Here’s how you can make your own:

  1. Cut strips of leather (as many pulls as you’ll need) to 1 1/4″ x 5″ (If you want to add color to the underside, now’s the time)
  2. Use the felt-tip pen to mark a dot where you want your screw to go
  3. Make the hole for the screw using a phillips screw driver and a couple whacks of your hammer
  4. Push your screw through the hole and secure it to the cabinet with a hex nut
  5. Enjoy your new software!

software{Add paint + brush to your supply list if you want to add a pop of color on the underside like I did}



A little creativity goes a long way!



Paper Cranes

Paper CraneThere’s something sweet and peaceful about paper cranes. For some reason I’ve been feeling like I want to make a paper crane mobile. I can do that, right? Like mobiles aren’t just for babies??





PC5So, the obvious next step here would be to learn how to make a paper crane, and in case you’re like me and don’t know how yet, here are the steps:


I’ll let you know how mine turn out! ;)


DIY Earring Display


Jewelry is pretty. That’s why we wear it. So why keep it closed away in a jewelry box? Jewelry should be treated as art, and displayed!

This is my quick little DIY for making your own jewelry display :)


  • Frame (I found mine for $1 at a thrift store)
  • Lace table runner
  • Super Glue
  • Scissors

1. Cut your table runner to fit your frame top to bottom. Don’t worry if the lace doesn’t fit perfectly in your frame – mine didn’t, you can always pull it from the sides with some thread.

2. Apply dots of super glue to the frame then attach the lace, pulling just a little bit so that it’s taut. Shazam! You’re done! Now for the fun part – hanging all your pretty earrings!



earrings1I hope this inspires you to create your own jewelry display!


Catchin’ Dreams


A while back, I randomly decided that I wanted to make a huge dreamcatcher. I’ve always loved the way they look, and I figured that mine would be a more modern interpretation. I have a lot of jewelry and things that I never wear or use, but really love. I wanted to incorporate all of these things into my ‘sea inspired’ dreamcatcher.

I used a 12″ embroidery hoop, a lace doily, found beach glass, shells, sand dollars, beads, feathers, and little gemstones & crystals. It’ll probably always be a work in progress, as I’ve already added more to  it. I’m loving it & my dreams are already sweeter! ;)


Teacup Succulent


I’m constantly looking for clever ways to re-purpose things, especially when I’m scouting out the thrift stores.. ;) The other day I found these adorable vintage teacups. Not needing teacups (but still wanting them) I tried to think of a way to give them new life as something else. I settled on tiny planters for succulents :) I love the delicate look of the teacups with the live green plant inside.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Simply fill your teacup about 3/4 full with potting soil, making a well for your new succulent. Place your succulent inside the well and fill in with potting soil. Water it a bit, then you can add your moss. I used reindeer moss for a little extra color contrast. These make adorable house-warming or hostess gifts too ;) Enjoy!

Say Yes to the Dress..er

OK, give me a break for the ridiculous post title, it sounded clever at the time.

I’ve got a little project brewing that I’ve been wanting to do for way too long now, like 5 years too long… and I’m actually a little embarrassed that I haven’t done it yet. That said, I have a dresser that needs to be jazzed up. It was originally my dad’s when he was young, and I took it to college with me when I moved (heaven forbid I buy a new one.. they’re expensive!). One of the drawers has the word “Balls” carved into it. Get your mind out of the gutter! It was my dad’s ball drawer when he was little, baseballs, wiffle balls, what-have-you. Anyways, it was funny and sort-of sentimental, but after enjoying its nostalgia for the last 5 years, I’m finally ready to sand away that carving.

The only problem is I’m a little torn on what exactly to do to it. It’s a tall 5-drawer wood dresser with no hardware…

{Option #1: Grey chevron stripes! I think I would want to sand and finish the wood instead of the white though just because I love the warmth of natural wood and the rest of my bedroom furniture is currently painted}

{Option #2: another trendy look – Ombré! I would probably do a spectrum of teals similar to the first photo}

{Or I could go for a crazy bold color for the whole thing. I love this campaign dresser in kelly green, especially with the brass hardware}

Please help me decide! What’s your vote?

Images via: 1/2/3/4


OK, so I’m pretty passionate about re-purposing and re-using items in your home in a new or updated way. This saves money as well as forces you to be creative while re-cycling ;) (anyone who knows me, knows how eco-conscious I can be). I try to do this as much as I can, not only because I don’t currently have the budget to buy new things all time, but because I enjoy the creative process. While I was at home last weekend, I decided that just one thing was missing in my parents newly re-done mater bath. A fantastic mirror. Luckily, there was a large mirror leaning up against one of the walls in my old bedroom (now the very nice guest bedroom ;)) that needed a new home. Below are the mirror before & afters.. the mirror in the bathroom before was just a wall-mounted unframed mirror..



An update on my sailing trip: We’re scheduled to leave this Monday the 6th from San Diego (we’re sailing down to Puerto Vallarta) and fly home on the 18th. That means we’ll be on the boat (likely in Cabo) for my birthday on the 11th… wohoo!! This also means that I’ll have no internet access for 12 days, so I’ll be back blogging (with A LOT of pictures from the trip..!) when I get home, so be sure to check back! ;) Have a great weekend!!

P.S. This blog post took me waaaay to long to write because I’m trying to write and watch womans gymnastics at the same time. I LOOOOVE the summer olympics!


Images via: ijustlovetoday

You can PAINT fabric on furniture! Am I the only one who didn’t know about this??? I was recently confronted with a project to reupholster 30 office/waiting room chairs and was worrying that with the time + cost of materials, it might be cheaper to just buy new chairs. Then my mom told me that a friend of hers had painted a leather couch… with interior house paint…! I did a little research online and immediately found a few projects on blogs where people had done the same thing. I was totally shocked… this changes EVERYTHING! Oh my… the possibilities are endless! As long as the fabric is in decent condition with no holes or rips, it’s totally paintable. All you have to do to the paint is mix in a product called Fabric Medium. This basically makes the paint flexible and turns any latex or acrylic paint into fabric paint!

I mean really, check out these before and after photos!!

I’ll be testing this out on the chairs this week.. stay tuned for updates!

Wrap It Up

My beach cruiser was given to me a couple of years ago by a very dear friend, and its life at the beach has been a little rough on it. With the moist salty air, the handlebars started to rust, (which made me a little sad, because beach cruisers should be cute, fun bikes). So I decided to spruce it up, totally hiding the rust, by wrapping the handlebars in yarn.

To begin wrapping the yarn, simply secure the end to the starting point on your bike with a bit of super glue. Then just continue wrapping (be patient, this takes some time) while occasionally pushing the yarn toward your starting point (this is just to ensure that you won’t have gaps in-between). After the length you want wrapped is covered, just secure the end of the yarn to the bike with another dab of super glue, and ta-da! Your bike has a whole new look!

5 Projects

It’s summertime and I’ve had a lot of creative energy flowing to finish projects that have been waiting around, and the inspiration to crank out some new ones. Here are a couple quick and easy DIYs that I’m looking forward to trying in the very near future…

1. {His & Her Sharpie Mug set via} (Just make sure your mugs are porcelain, ceramic won’t work!)

2. {Cork & Stone Bottle Stoppers via}

3. {Etched Glass via}

4. {Customized Make-up Brushes via}

5. {Dip-dye inspired kitchen utensils via}