Vernal Falls1

Hi all! You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t posted in a little while, well I went on a vacation to one of the most beautiful places this time of year — Yosemite National Park :)  The waterfalls were in full-swing and we didn’t miss a single one!  I think we hiked about 20 miles in two days, and even through some snow!!  We got rain, sun, and really chilly and the scenery never got old…

Tunnel Road - Half Dome

Tunnel View

Yosemite Falls




Mirror Lake

Cut Trunks



View with Clouds

Hiking Up

River Hike

Welcome Sun


Snow Melt

Tree View


More SnowMountain View

Trail View

IMG_20130321_121930 copy

Vernal Falls from Above

Nevada Falls

Sunrise over the ValleyYou can definitely tell from the pictures which days were sunny and which were cloudy :) Hope you enjoyed some of the snapshots from my trip! I have some very exciting news to share later this week…!




A bit of bliss to daydream about on a Monday…



Plaskett in Snapshots

{Panorama from the lookout}

{Some pre-camping quick lasagna assembly}

{On the road}

{Plaskett Creek campground}

{The ocean view from my sleeping spot}

{Stairs to Sand Dollar}

{Sand Dollar Beach}

{Shadows as the sun goes down}

{Chilly, beautiful walk}

{Polite signage}

{Sunset with the Birds}

{Panorama from the beach}

We had such a wonderful time! The weather was beautiful – we even got hot on Sunday down at the beach :)

Into the Wild

This weekend I’m going camping at one of my most favorite spots: Plaskett Creek in Big Sur along the coast of Hwy 1. It’s the most beautiful drive along the cliffs so high above the ocean. We’ve often spotted whales on our way to and from the campground, (just don’t take your eyes off the windy road if you’re driving!) ;)

I can’t wait to be able to see the stars at night…. eat s’mores…. cozy up by the campfire…. hike down to the beach….

Here’s to a weekend without cell phone reception! :D I hope your weekend is as re-charging as I know mine will be :) Get out there and enjoy some nature!

Air Plants

I recently started a new job for a company called TiGardens. I work by myself in a greenhouse assembling Tillandsia. Tillandsia is the scientific name for the more commonly known ‘Air Plant’. They are of the bromeliad family and are extraordinary in the fact that they take in all of their nutrients from the leaves; the roots are used as anchors only. These cool plants need nothing but air and an occasional spritz of water to sustain them. In nature, Tillandsia are termed as pioneer plants, as they occupy environments, like rock cliffs, where few other plants can.

At TiGardens we can make anything from air plant shell magnets to hanging glass globes. I’ve always loved making things, so this little part-time job that lets me be crafty and creative is just perfect for now.

SD to PV by Boat

{My attempt to illustrate our voyage from San Diego to Puerto Vallarta, w/ a stop in Cabos}

This trip was definitely one for the books. I’m so glad I decided to forgo a job offer and take a chance with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We were on the 56′ catamaran for about a week, and it was so fun and different from anything I’ve ever done.

We went more than two days without seeing any land on the horizon and I really felt like we were out in the middle of the ocean. The water was the clearest-bluest-blue you could imagine at 2,500′ deep. Just on our very first day we saw seals, huge pods of dolphins (including albino dolphins!) and three killer whales. In fact, every day we were at sea dolphins came to play at the bow of the boat.  Later in our journey we even saw sharks! (insert ‘Jaws’ music here) The first four days were total bliss, the weather was gorgeous (HOT!), the water just got warmer as we went south, and we stopped to jump in and fish whenever we got the chance. The stars at night were breathtaking, especially before moonrise. The sky looked like an intricate tapestry of glowing lights suspended above us.

After we got to Cabos, the weather started to get a little sketchy. We had checked the forecast online and knew that we’d be going through a couple of tropical storms. The ocean got really rough and most of us started to feel a little sea-sick. The good news is that we made it through (I didn’t even puke! haha) two full nights of rocking and waves banging and slamming the boat; it felt like we had Godzilla chained up below us and he was trying to escape… no joke. After that we all felt super grateful for our calm and sunny first few days ;)

{Dinner :) and lunch..}

{Forrest climbing up to the mast}

{And hanging from the bow}

{So much fun!!}

{Birthday breakfast-in-bed :) crepes w/ nutella and jam hehe}

{Birthday visitors… Dolphins!}

{I know I look like a total dork in this picture (so you’re finally seeing my true colors ;)) but it was necessary to show how massive this dorado was! It was a team effort to catch… Me, Forrest and Pancho! Wohoo!!}

{Such a cool shot! Perfect timing, huh?}

{Coming up on Cabo}

{The famous arch of Los Cabos}

{Happy to be on land}

{Deliciousness at Bichos in Sayulita}

{Tubing session, we had 6 people on that thing at once and it still kicked our ass}

What was the highlight of my trip you ask? I rode a sea-turtle! No, really, I literally rode a wild sea-turtle in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Thanks for letting me share my trip with you! I’ll be back to regular posting frequency now :)

Summer: Living Outdoors

OK, so I’m probably way behind with this, but I just discovered a show on HGTV (online) called Outdoor Rooms, and I absolutely love it. The host, Jamie Durie (a handsome australian) is extremely talented and creates these gorgeous outdoor living spaces in clients’ yards, drawing from specific spots that he travels to for inspiration. Especially this time of the year, I can’t help but want to do everything outside… sleep, eat, lounge… it’s just too beautiful to stay in! So, feeling inspired, I compiled a little group of some of my favorite photos of outdoor living spaces.

I hope these inspire you to create a special little outdoor living spot for yourself!

Images via 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

Sleeping in the Sun

With Summer officially here, I thought this would be the perfect time to share a few of my collected images of some epic, outdoor nap spots. There’s just nothing better than taking a long nap outside in the fresh air. :)

I hope you had a great weekend!

Images via 1/2/3/4/5/6/7

Springtime Thoughts

With Spring right around the corner, I’m beginning to feel the excitement of seeing flowers everywhere pop up in bloom.  I’ve always had a love for flowers and I’d like to think that I have a green thumb, but perhaps success with some of these little beauties will only come when I have a garden of my own! ;)  Here are just a few of my very favorite plants I’d love to have in my dream garden…


{My Favorite color Roses}

{French Lavender}


{Peonies–my favorite flower, too bad they don’t grow in So Cal!}

Fresh Air

{Torrey Pines – Ocean View}

{Agave Plant with Neon Spines}

There’s something wonderful about having family come to visit that just recharges your batteries.  What could be better than to be filled up with delicious meals and surrounded by the people who love you most?   To take full advantage of the last rays of sun before the rain came, we went on a beautiful hike.  From up so high we even spotted some whale spouts!