New Beginning!

IMG_20130416_145516 copy

Hey all!  Well, it’s been awhile… sorry about that.  Hopefully all will be forgiven when I share what I’ve been up to :)

Moving! I got my own little studio in Leucadia with lots of funk and mexican-style charm.  Here’s a look at the space I’ve got to work with:






Keep in mind these are ‘before’ pictures ;)… I’m so excited to make all 200 sq’ my own and I’ll be sharing every step of the process right here on my blog!



3 thoughts on “New Beginning!

  1. Hey Boo – what’s the scoop on that tiled bench/counter area? It looks like it’s probably dead space underneath, any way to use it for storage? Just wondering…all still very exciting!!! Love Dad

    • haha yes, unfortunately it is very dead space… solid concrete dead space. I have some tricks up my sleeve though, you’ll just have to stay tuned ;)

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