3 Things

IMG_20130213_124838{Cupcakes for Two, recipe here. Because sometimes you just want a cupcake.. or two}

Whew! These past couple of weeks have been busy ones for me. I finally finished every one of my furniture projects (!!! I’ll share more on that later ;))  I spent a little much-needed QT with my parents last week, (yay!) where we (my boyfriend, cousin & I) were treated to an amazing dinner at my new favorite restaurant here in Encinitas, Solace. I tried raw oysters for the first time….! I’m still not sure how I feel about them… they may be an acquired taste.. ;) I’m also super excited about my recent employment opportunity! – I started a new weekend job at the place I interned in Solana Beach, Bixby&Ball. This place is filled with wonderful ladies, wonderful home decor, and wonderful energy! :) I’m so happy to be back! In the mean time, here are 3 (other) things currently making me happy ;)

IMG_20130220_111704-1{A sweet note my boyfriend wrote when we first started dating that I recently tucked into a little frame :)}

IMG_20130220_111301{The cutest matchbox + matches ever. Isn’t that saying the truth?}

Ps- for some reason the word ‘boyfriend’ really bothers me.. :/ it sounds so juvenile! Maybe I’m just cray-cray.. I don’t know am I alone on this?? Anyway, here’s to a great week ahead!



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