Design Obsession: Chairs

Merry Christmas Eve readers! I’m excited about a few things…. family, presents, delicious food… and a GUEST BLOGGER here on bfarhardesign! Here’s Mari:

Hi, all! I’m Mari and I write for Arcadian Home blog, a great place to find lovely home decor inspirations. I’m so excited to be visiting here at bfarhardesign today to share a guest post and a design obsession with you. I love chairs in every shape, size and color. My capacity to give just one more chair a safe and loving home knows no bounds. No matter a chair’s age or condition, I always see the potential in it–what a fine piece of furniture it could become if given the opportunity.

I’ve pulled together eight images that include some of my favorite chairs. It was extremely difficult to choose so few, but here are my final choices for your consideration. We would love to learn about the chairs you’ve known and loved, if you would care to leave a comment. Thanks for letting me share. Enjoy!

Chair Obsession

Three gorgeous high-back white armchairs are able to maintain their cool even in the presence of this awesome china wall gallery.

Chair Obsession

Massive wall art is no competition for a chic beauty in wide stripes of cream and gray. I love the pale wood trim and legs on this chair.

Chair Obsession

How gorgeous is this Ikat-covered slipper chair? With their armless design these little chairs can fit in corners where others will not go.

Chair Obsession

I’m totally in love with the Cappellini Knotted Chair created by Marcel Wanders. The designer’s website describes how this cool chair is created, “This lightweight chair combines industrial techniques and handcrafting. A thread constructed of aramid and carbon fibers, is knotted into the shape of a chair and then impregnated with epoxy resin and hung in a frame to dry, leaving the final form in the hands of gravity.”

Chair Obsession

As the years go by, the iconic Egg chair seems to only grow in popularity. As for me, if I had the space, I would love one in each of its lovely colors.

Chair Obsession

Aged leather chairs are irresistible. This one with its unusual button tufting is especially appealing. And look at the vintage company it keeps – antique wall map, vintage suitcase and an amazing light fixture that merges ornate and industrial elements.

Chair Obsession

Two handsome swan chairs are a stunning addition to this contemporary space. Yes, I’ll take the stylish pair, please.

Chair Obsession

In their old age, these well-loved arm chairs have found a warm and cozy home in which to rest. It seems fitting that these beauties are able to bask in the glow of that lovely chandelier.

Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

What do you think of these unique chairs? Leave us comments below and be sure to check out our website for more home accessories and decor, as well as interior inspiration!

Thank you so much Mari for a beautiful post! Loving all of those gorgeous chairs!



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