Holiday Entertaining

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Must haves:

  1. A great playlist – Music is essential, it sets the tone and keeps the party going. Take some time putting together your playlist and make sure that it’s long enough so that it doesn’t frequently repeat songs.
  2. A festive fresh-made hot drink – Mulled wine, Spiced cider, Hot buttered eggnog with rum (I’ll have to try that one this year!) – whichever you prefer, just make sure it’s hot and delicious!
  3. Festive finger foods – Assemble appetizers using ingredients relating to the season, such as beets, clementines, grapefruit, pears, sweet potatoes, winter squash, and chestnuts.
  4. Fire –  Lite a fire if you have a fireplace, if not, light lots of candles. The warmth and glimmer of candlelight is essential to any holiday party. It makes the event feel special and inviting.

Fun Extras:

* Start a tradition – Your new tradition could be anything from a gift exchange to the annual playing a favorite holiday album.

* Do a themed gift exchange – Alcohol usually goes well with most crowds, although you could get creative and make the theme a color or material – like glass or wood. The sky’s the limit!



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