Design 101: Texture

One of the most essential elements of interior design is texture.  Texture is the surface characteristic of an  object. It refers to the rough, smooth, shine, dull, stiff, or soft aspect of an object; whether it be a wall treatment, rug, furniture, woodwork, or art.  There are two types: visual texture, and tactile texture. Both play a key role in creating a well-designed space. It’s important in interior design to incorporate a variety of different textures to feed the senses.

Be mindful of the space you’re working with as different types of textures make a big impact. For example, in small spaces it’s likely a better idea to use smooth, shiny textures as light will reflect off of these surfaces, making the room feel larger. Whereas larger, brighter rooms can portray rough textures that absorb light more gracefully.

If you have a lot of wood furniture in your house, try incorporating some shiny metals. If you have wood floors, layer on a woven natural rug; try something new and have fun mixing it up!


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