Happy Halloween!

This Halloween has got me thinking how great it’s going to be when I have my own place to decorate for this spooky holiday. I have always been such a chicken about horror movies and haunted houses, and it wasn’t until recently that I’ve been able to embrace the scary stuff and actually enjoy getting a little freaked out. That said, I have always appreciated those people who just go all-out for Halloween decorating. Even when I was a little kid, it was most exciting to trick-or-treat at the really spooky houses (they usually gave out the best candy ;)). So, with the future of my Halloween decorating in mind, here are a few decorations that I’ll definitely be giving a try when I have my own place.

{Spooky Shadows in the Windows}

{Half-Buried Skeleton}

{Can’t go wrong with Graves & Ghosts}

{A Spooky Circle of Ghosts}

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be the house with the most outrages decorations for All Hallows Eve ;)
Happy Halloween everyone!!


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