Air Plants

I recently started a new job for a company called TiGardens. I work by myself in a greenhouse assembling Tillandsia. Tillandsia is the scientific name for the more commonly known ‘Air Plant’. They are of the bromeliad family and are extraordinary in the fact that they take in all of their nutrients from the leaves; the roots are used as anchors only. These cool plants need nothing but air and an occasional spritz of water to sustain them. In nature, Tillandsia are termed as pioneer plants, as they occupy environments, like rock cliffs, where few other plants can.

At TiGardens we can make anything from air plant shell magnets to hanging glass globes. I’ve always loved making things, so this little part-time job that lets me be crafty and creative is just perfect for now.


3 thoughts on “Air Plants

  1. These are so beautiful. I would love to have something like this in my apartment. Too bad I have no green thumb to speak of. I even killed my Chia Pet!!!

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