OK, so I’m pretty passionate about re-purposing and re-using items in your home in a new or updated way. This saves money as well as forces you to be creative while re-cycling ;) (anyone who knows me, knows how eco-conscious I can be). I try to do this as much as I can, not only because I don’t currently have the budget to buy new things all time, but because I enjoy the creative process. While I was at home last weekend, I decided that just one thing was missing in my parents newly re-done mater bath. A fantastic mirror. Luckily, there was a large mirror leaning up against one of the walls in my old bedroom (now the very nice guest bedroom ;)) that needed a new home. Below are the mirror before & afters.. the mirror in the bathroom before was just a wall-mounted unframed mirror..



An update on my sailing trip: We’re scheduled to leave this Monday the 6th from San Diego (we’re sailing down to Puerto Vallarta) and fly home on the 18th. That means we’ll be on the boat (likely in Cabo) for my birthday on the 11th… wohoo!! This also means that I’ll have no internet access for 12 days, so I’ll be back blogging (with A LOT of pictures from the trip..!) when I get home, so be sure to check back! ;) Have a great weekend!!

P.S. This blog post took me waaaay to long to write because I’m trying to write and watch womans gymnastics at the same time. I LOOOOVE the summer olympics!


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