Images via: ijustlovetoday

You can PAINT fabric on furniture! Am I the only one who didn’t know about this??? I was recently confronted with a project to reupholster 30 office/waiting room chairs and was worrying that with the time + cost of materials, it might be cheaper to just buy new chairs. Then my mom told me that a friend of hers had painted a leather couch… with interior house paint…! I did a little research online and immediately found a few projects on blogs where people had done the same thing. I was totally shocked… this changes EVERYTHING! Oh my… the possibilities are endless! As long as the fabric is in decent condition with no holes or rips, it’s totally paintable. All you have to do to the paint is mix in a product called Fabric Medium. This basically makes the paint flexible and turns any latex or acrylic paint into fabric paint!

I mean really, check out these before and after photos!!

I’ll be testing this out on the chairs this week.. stay tuned for updates!


2 thoughts on “NewsFlash!

  1. I JUST read about painting furniture too! I though it was total bs or some red neck way of “makin the couch purty” but it makes a lot more sense to put that fabric medium in there too :) great job!

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