Wrap It Up

My beach cruiser was given to me a couple of years ago by a very dear friend, and its life at the beach has been a little rough on it. With the moist salty air, the handlebars started to rust, (which made me a little sad, because beach cruisers should be cute, fun bikes). So I decided to spruce it up, totally hiding the rust, by wrapping the handlebars in yarn.

To begin wrapping the yarn, simply secure the end to the starting point on your bike with a bit of super glue. Then just continue wrapping (be patient, this takes some time) while occasionally pushing the yarn toward your starting point (this is just to ensure that you won’t have gaps in-between). After the length you want wrapped is covered, just secure the end of the yarn to the bike with another dab of super glue, and ta-da! Your bike has a whole new look!


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