Gallery Wall

I’ve been collecting art & things for a gallery wall for my bedroom for a while now, and I finally hung them all last week! I incorporated the tips from this post, and created a design that worked best for me. I’m so excited to finally see all of them hung up!

I laid out all of my pieces on the floor first to come up with an arrangement that I liked. During the process, I took pictures so that I could refer to the organization later if needed. Looking at these might feel a little bit like that picture game ‘spot the differences’ ;)

I finally decided on a layout and quickly mapped it out a bit on the wall. I like the loose arrangement where not all of the edges line up, it feels a little more casual and not so fussy. I did however try to keep most of the spacing consistent. I’m so pleased with the way it turned out, and I love that my little collection is out of my closet and on display! :)

Items from left to right:

  • Gray Whale: pen drawing print from a thrift store
  • Elton John record sleeve: also thrifted
  • Small mirror: free, painted turquoise
  • Framed words: RVCA tee-shirt, cut & framed
  • Letter: message in a bottle I found at my local beach (from 1978!)
  • Portrait: pencil sketch that my boyfriend drew of me
  • Guitar: framed Patagonia tee
  • Wave: print of ‘New Break


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