Busy Bee

{Sneak Peek After}

I thought I’d share a little sneakity peek at what I’ve been up to the past week. There’s been a lot of change around here and it seems that since we’ve started we just can’t stop! The trip to Ikea last week was very successful and we even ended up buying different chairs than planned due to last-minute decision-making (and I’m so glad we did! These work so much better with the room than our original choice)! And yes, I painted the legs turquoise.

On a side-note, Ikea is not one of my favorite places to shop… I will admit now that the first time I went, I called my cousin in tears because I couldn’t find my way out! (seriously! don’t laugh!) It still drives me nuts that they make you walk through a maze to get in and out! :/

Any who, here’s a little “before” photo for you to compare the top picture with. (p.s. the rug is part of the ‘after’ ;) The rest of the room isn’t finished yet, but I promise I’ll share more as we progress!


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