Lucite Lust

I have a bit of a lucite obsession going on at the moment. I’ve always  been a huge fan of these chairs, but my recent hunt for lucite has been spurred by the design project I’m currently working on. There is a lot of color in this house, so to tone it down a bit we’re using a lot of black & white as well as lucite. In fact, all of the dining room chairs are lucite. The kitchen is very large, (we’re talking 38 cabinets & 18 drawers large… yes, I’ve counted) so seeing that much hardware can really make an impact on the overall design. Currently, the knobs are black and sort of colonial in style (not at all cohesive with the rest of the house). The kitchen cabinets are all white, so when you’re looking at the kitchen, there are tons of little black round knobs all over… it’s a little overwhelming visually. I thought it would be a fantastic solution to use round, simple lucite knobs instead. I think they look great on white cabinets (see picture below), sort of like little bubbles!

It’s easy to see why lucite is the clear (no pun intended) choice for so many interior furnishings. The material can complement any style, and doesn’t take up space visually.

* A little extra tip I learned: when cleaning lucite, you should never use windex, just a soft cloth with some warm soapy water.


4 thoughts on “Lucite Lust

    • yep, both names refer to the same material, technically called PMMA (polymethyl-methacrylate). There are lots of brand names associated with it, like Acrylic and so on ;) Thanks for reading!! :)

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