Colors, Stripes and Everything Nice

{Flor’s Line by Line area rug in Rainbow}

So I’m super excited to be starting on the re-design of our living room with the Redferns. As I mentioned before in this post, Betsy loves color and bold design. These intense shots of color are going to be fabulous against the neutral walls (Frazee’s Muddy River, which was the color when they moved in. Betsy says she would’ve never chosen it if she walked into a paint store, but it seems to be very accommodating and doesn’t look like a skin tone ;)) and floors, which are 18×18″ travertine tiles. The furniture is also going to stay neutral with matching white slip-covered chairs and a large grey sofa.

Onto the rug now… we ordered it from Flor and I must say, they have exceptional customer service. This store is unique in that you can customize your rug size using their Flor Rug Tiles. (This is especially great for spaces that a standard size area rug wouldn’t fit right.) The tiles arrive in boxes and you assemble your rug with their patented stickers. I’ve never done this before so it’ll be a fun learning experience getting it all set up. ;) I’ll keep you posted and will share bits and pieces of this project as it comes together.


One thought on “Colors, Stripes and Everything Nice

  1. What a fun project, with lots of colorful learning experience along the way! The Redferns are a very fortunate family! This is such bright fun stuff from Flor…thanks for sharing the initial details..looking forward to what’s ahead. :)

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