Closets: Merchandised

{What better place to have a mirrored dresser than in the closet reflecting all of your pretty things}

Stores pay such close attention to the way their products are merchandised as to best appeal to customers. They use color stories, interesting props, clever ways of folding… all to make the product look it’s best so that we, the consumer, buy it. And we do. Then we take it home and put it in our closet with all of our other things that we bought (because we loved them in the store) and still, many times we feel uninspired when we open up our closet doors. Am I right? Well, luckily, you can use the same tricks to merchandise your own closet; and before you know it Vio-la! Your clothes are inspiring again ;)

Take a few tips from these inspirational spaces…

{Group shades and colors}

{Fold neatly}

{If you have a walk-in, make it feel luxurious and feminine}

{Incorporate some sort of seating. If you have a small space, it could be as simple as a pouf or a garden stool}

{Try to display things so you can see all that you have}

{I really like the idea of having a single hook to hang a favorite piece that inspires you, or a new purchase}

Now I suppose it’s time for some spring cleaning… Happy organizing!

Images via: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7


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