Bohemian Inspiration

The colors, the patterns, the mixture of both that somehow creates a harmonic medley of comfortable and worldly design… there’s something about it that makes bohemian style feel so home-y and lived in, I just love it. It’s like each space is saying “come on in, stay awhile… relax”.

{So soft and soothing… that bed is just dreamy}

{(minus the model…) So many layers of fabric! This room is romantic and beautiful}

{That rug is fantastic, and the couch just beckons you to cuddle up on it}

{I’m usually not a huge fan of that gold yellow, but it looks so yummy and rich here}

{So many different patterns and colors but somehow it all works!}

{Look at this lush garden! I want to curl up with those pillows and take a nap}

There you have it, a little dose of bohemian inspiration. It makes me want to become a gypsy and travel the world! But really, don’t be afraid to mix colors and patterns, layer rugs and fabrics.. have fun with it because sometimes more is more! ;)

Images via 1/2/3/4/5/6/7


2 thoughts on “Bohemian Inspiration

  1. Love the picture of the garden, it looks cool, tranquil and so relaxing. Thank you for sharing the pictures, gives me ideas for the cushions I was given, just like in the pictures :)

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