Repetition & Rhythm in Design

I was flipping through a CB2 catalog I had received in the mail the other day, and realized something. CB2 (also Crate&Barrel, as well as many other companies) is brilliant. Why? Because they’ve used a key design element in their sales catalogs to appeal to their customers, and make them want to buy their product. Repetition. This element is used in interior design, architecture, graphic design, advertising, etc. because the eye likes to see rhythm. Here are a couple of examples:

{These super cool angled mirrors are sold in squares, in this setting, they’ve used 6 to make their wall display}

{Just one of these little candle holders on the wall probably would go un-noticed; however, with 5 of them, there’s an instant appeal & created focal point}

{These pendant lights are awesome, but again, just one wouldn’t have nearly as much impact as the 22 pictured here, hung as a group}

And again, they’re sold individually.. (each of those pendants above is $39.95! For that ^  impact 22 x 39.95…well, you get the point). If I saw these photos and immediately wanted to purchase these items, it would likely be simply because they were displayed this way: using repetition or rhythm. And if I just bought one, well, I’m sure I’d be wondering why I thought they were so awesome.

Lesson here: be a smart consumer! Instead of buying something impulsively, ask yourself why an item appeals to you. If it’s because there’s more than one, then be prepared to spend the $$ (or come up with a creative alternative!) to achieve your desired outcome. ;)

Images via 1/2-4


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