Bookcase Merchandising

As promised in my last post, here is my bookcase re-do (sorry the picture isn’t fantastic quality)! In case you missed it, while I was home I did a little re-organizing in my parent’s living room. Mainly, moving out the stereo cabinet (whose contents will go into a smaller cabinet with the TV in the corner of the room) and moving in their bookcase. I had them go through the books, make a ‘donate’ and a ‘keep’ pile, and got to work sorting and organizing them. I removed all of the dust covers (this makes a huge difference!) and sorted them by size, color, hardback or paperback, and type (travel book, magazine, pocketbook, cookbook etc.) I had so much fun re-merchandising the shelves while incorporating a few of my parents’ favorite things. We were short on bookends, so we got creative and used a few choice rocks from my dad’s extensive collection, he was thrilled. ;) I love the pop of yellow that the stack of National Geographics offers! The empty spot on the bottom right has been reserved for a basket that will hold a slew of my dad’s records.

Here’s some more shelving inspiration for you if that wasn’t enough! ;)

Happy Organizing!

Images via 1/2/3/4


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