Look Up

Whenever I go to fancy hotels, restaurants, or even some well designed houses, I rarely forget to look up… at the ceiling that is.  Many people analyze the furnishings, the paint color, the accessories, but forget about what’s above them. Which is really pretty funny because ceilings can make a huge impact in a room, and sometimes, even if you don’t notice it right away, it could be the very reason a room is so appealing.

{Gorgeous master bedroom, note the green… remember this post?}

{How fun is this?! Definitely something you could take advantage of with tall ceilings}

{Who says closets have to be boring? This is glam from floor to ceiling!}

{Moroccan tile + a spectacular chandelier… I’m in love!}

{Such a great way to lighten up the space & make it feel much less “serious”}

{I can’t tell if this is a skylight, not exactly sure what’s going on here… but I think it’s fabulous, especially with the drop-light lanterns}

{Subtle detail makes such a difference! It just shows that attention was paid to every surface}

{All of that wood instantly warms up this otherwise white space}

{Draped fabric on the ceiling? Yes, please! What a luxurious treat!}

{This is one of my favorites; they just played with the different levels of the ceiling, it almost gives the illusion of a curve}

{This tin tile is AMAZING. It’s almost like adding jewelry to the room :)}

Design is about creating an aesthetically pleasing, personally functional, wonderful, beautiful space to dwell; and attention to detail makes all the difference. So take advantage of this so often overlooked blank palette above you! The ceiling is the most neglected surface in interior design; it’s hard to see why after looking at all of these pictures… scroll back up and try to imagine these spaces without their beautiful treated ceilings. They’re just not the same!

Images via (top) 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11


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