YAY for Business Cards!

I was so excited that my business cards came in the mail yesterday! I had so much fun designing them online and have since been anxiously awaiting their arrival.  I’ve been feeling like I needed them for a while now, just so that I have something I can give people when they’re at all interested in my specialty in Interior Design.  I highly recommend ordering some if you provide any public service (seriously, anything from hairdressers to accountants!)  It’s just nice to have something that looks professional to hand to someone… I think it shows that you really take what you’re doing seriously. ;)  I ordered mine from Moo.com for a couple of reasons…

  1. Their business cards are made with sustainably sourced paper, or you can even choose to opt for their 100% recycled stock, which is produced using wind power.  I think it’s important to support businesses that follow your moral standard ;) and since it’s important to me to know that the company that made my business cards isn’t going to the rainforest and mowing down trees… well, you get the picture!
  2. They have thousands of designs to choose from!  And these aren’t lame designs either, they are eye candy business cards.  You can also upload your own artwork to use if you’re wanting a totally custom look (or if you have a specialized graphic design for your business).
  3. The first 50 cards were FREE.  That included full color on both sides and high-quality paper.

And as a bonus, they came in this adorable package that you just can’t help but get excited about opening!

{It was like opening a present! :)}

{I wanted a simple, clean look, so I chose this fun stripe with the color block back}


2 thoughts on “YAY for Business Cards!

  1. Very nice Bec, next step – professional consultations and design work! I’m gonna need some help on my basement remodel and you are hired!!

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