Thrifty Treasures

I always have so much fun hunting for treasures at my local thrift shops.  I hardly ever pay full price for anything these days; I rarely feel the need to with all of the great things you can find for a fraction of the price! The hunt can take some patience, especially when you’re looking for a specific item.  However, I’ve found that sometimes when you’re really searching, the universe will bring it to you! ;)  Nothing beats the thrill of finding something terrific that’s inexpensive and unique!

I so frequently find pieces that have the potential to be fabulous with a little TLC (and usually a coat of paint!).  Here are just a few I found while scavenging a couple of my favorite thrift stores this weekend.

{This door could be a fun statement piece painted a bright color & leaned up against the wall} 

{This brass bed might look a little sad in its original state, but with the help of some silver, black, or punchy colored paint it could take on a whole new feel}

{I desperately wanted to purchase this iron birdcage and do little else with it other than remove its contents and hang it up; but even with the thrift store price tag ($100!), it was a treasure I had to pass up}

So many possibilities!!


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