Gray is the New Beige

I have often heard from design professionals that they commonly have clients who are most comfortable ‘living in beige’.  It’s an easy neutral, and a shade that is frequently used by many who aren’t crazy about the idea of color on their walls.  This is understanding, as saturated colors aren’t for everyone, but unfortunately, it’s given neutrals in general a bad rep.  Well, guess what neutral-lovers?! There’s a new popular neutral that’s quickly taking the place of beige… it’s GRAY!

There are a couple rules to follow when working with gray:

  • Get yourself a color fan.  Behr, Frazee, Sherwin Williams, whatever brand you like.  You’ll need this color fan to help zero-in on your perfect shade, as grays can sometimes pick up green, blue and even pink tones.
  • Look to the innermost color on a swatch that you like to find the “root” of the shade.  If that color has some blue, your gray will have some blue; if that color has some green, your gray will have some green, and so on.  To find a true gray, look for that color to be a more pure black.
  • Buy samples and paint large swatches.  This step is always a good idea no-matter the color.  It is important to look at the swatches in every light (morning, noon and night) to make sure the shade of gray is right for the room.

*Extra tip: Be sure to get a low gloss paint (such as flat or eggshell) so that your walls don’t come out looking like a shiny air-craft carrier.

Now that you’re armed with the tools you need, trade in your beige for a soothing shade of gray!

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